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Platinum Palladium Print

Master platinum-palladium printer and Guggenheim Grant winner Pradip Malde produced an exquisite, limited-edition print to support the Ancient Art Archive. Pradip and I chose a photograph of the Head of Sinbad rock art site on the San Rafael Swell in Central Utah for this print. The paintings are Barrier Canyon Style and thought to be between 2,000 and 4,000 years old. I shot the image this spring with Pradip’s printing in mind.

Platinum print by Pradip Malde, image by Stephen Alvarez
image size approximately 9" x 14"

The print is made with the platinum-palladium process. It is the most permanent photographic printing method. The platinum-palladium process is extremely difficult to master but, it produces black and white prints of unmatched subtlety. It is an honor to have Pradip work on an Archive image. He has graciously donated all of his skill and materials.

A detailed view of the print. The platinum-palladium process renders prints of incredible power and subtlety.

Producing the print took and entire week and was a very collaborative process. With multiple test images to get the print exactly right. I will say that what we were able to put onto paper was a true expression of the artwork I saw. The images seem to float off the paper.

Reviewing a print in Pradip's darkroom

We are offering the prints to donors who give $1200 or more. Email info@ancientartarchive for details and to reserve yours. Pradip has only produced 12 prints, once they are gone there will be no more. This is a rare opportunity to own a hand-crafted print by Pradip Malde and to support the work of the Ancient Art Archive.