We preserve and share humanity's oldest stories

Mt Irish Archeological District, Basin and Range National Monument, Nevada

Art is humanity's first true invention

Before written language, our ancestors used art to communicate with each other and with us

Imagine being one of those first people

  • What did you see?
  • What did you think?
  • What did you believe?

The answers to those questions still survive as artistic stories written on the landscape

The artwork our ancestors left behind testifies to the ingenuity, perseverance, and determination of the human race

The Ancient Art Archive is determined to preserve and share these stories with everyone, everywhere 

To that end, we have launched our first project, the Mural of America

In partnership with native artists, educators, archeologists, the Archive will use the power of 3D imaging technology to provide exciting new ways for everyone to experience the wonders of a dozen of America's earliest art sites

We have recently completed documenting our first Mural of America site -- Devilstep Hollow Cave in Tennessee

Over a thousand years ago, Native Americans chose Devilstep Hollow Cave as a ceremonial site. They drew sacred art on the walls and lit the interior chambers with burning embers attached to the ceiling

The Archive is busily creating immersive experiences to share through its Mural of America site on Google Arts and Culture. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this VR fly-through video narrated by artist Dustin Mater, citizen of the Chickasaw Nation 

A 360 degree fly though of Devilstep Hollow Cave in Tennessee

"Devilstep Hollow Cave is one of the most beautiful and important prehistoric cave art sites in the Southeast"

-Dr. Jan Simek, Distinguished Professor of Science, University of Tennessee