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Using 3D imaging to see rock art of the Orinoco

Cerro Pintado petroglyphs with enhanced overlay Photo by Philip Riris

In Western Venezuela, there is large scale rock art along rapids in the Orinoco river. University College of London archeologist Philip Riris used the same 3D imaging technology that we have pioneered to visualize the images.

See the whole article in Antiquity here.

Photogrammetry lets us look for petroglyphs that are otherwise impossible to see. At one of the Ancient Art Archive sites in the Southeastern US we've spent months mapping the fine level engravings on a cave ceiling. The work is difficult and painstaking but it can reveal artwork that is otherwise impossible to see (more here).

Southeastern artwork discovered with 3D imaging technology

Hats off to Riris and his team for adapting 3D technology to see otherwise invisible work.

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