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March 27, 2017 - No Comments!

New Model of Horseshoe Canyon’s Great Gallery

Great Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon, Wayne County Utah.
The Great Gallery is the "type site" for Barrier Canyon Style rock art

On the way back from a spring scouting trip to the Comb Wash / Bears Ears area of Utah I stopped to shoot a new model of the Great Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon. I had built a model last year but it did not include the entire panel. It also had some holes in the data that I thought I could clear up. This one has the whole alcove. There figures on the left beyond the debris pile. One of them closely resembles the Moqui Queen.  If you have the chance, it is worth looking at this at full screen on a high-resolution monitor. A Microsoft Surface works particularly well.

Rock art is notoriously hard to date and BCS art age estimates range from Archaic (4,000-8,000 BP) to pre Fremont (500BCE-500BCE). The National Park Service has a free book on the archeology of Horseshoe Canyon available here that puts the date for BCS production at around 2,000 BCE.

Some things to note in the site and model

  • The tallest figure is 2.15 meters tall
  • The Panel is 65 meters end to end
  • The alcove is 33 meters high and 12 meters deep
  • The model is built from 247 high resolution DSLR images and assembled in Agisoft Photoscan


Great Gallery March 2017
by Ancient Art Archive
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February 9, 2017 - No Comments!

High Gallery Barrier Canyon Style rock art panel, Wayne County Utah

detailed view of the High Panel

A detailed view of the High Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon, Wayne County Utah.

High Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon, Wayne County, Utah

Recorded August 2016

This is the first gallery in The Horseshoe (Barrier) Canyon section of Canyonlands National Park. It is on the East wall of the canyon far above the canyon floor. It has well preserved anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures in classic Barrier Canyon Style. There are also a number of pictographs faintly visible within the panel. The pictographs show up best in the model below.

BCS style art is thought to be about 4,000 years BP. There is a longer discussion of the arts age on the Great Gallery Model.

To see the panel in greater context of the canyon look at this image

High Gallery, Wayne County, Utah
by Ancient Art Archive
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