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Rainbow Man, Barrier Canyon Style Petroglyph, Emery County Utah

A horned anthropomorphic petroglyph with rainbows. Enhanced with D-Stretch

A horned anthropomorphic petroglyph with rainbows enhanced with D-Stretch.

Barrier Canyon Style Petroglyphs, Emery County Utah

Within this faded group of Barrier Canyon Style petroglyphs is the Double Rainbow man. The figure is somewhat faded so I have run D-Stretch to bring it then recombined it with the original image to make the figure above.

The panel also has this complex and beautiful figure that contains classic BCS themes in particular horned or head dressed figures and snakes. Take some time and explore the 3D model at the end of the post.

Barrier Canyon Style Petroglyph near Ferron, Utah

Barrier Canyon Style Petroglyphs in a side canyon of Ferron Creek. Emery County, Utah

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